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Smart. Digital. Global

Produce Wealth Revolution Agency (The PWR Agency) is  an impact focused enterprise aimed at equipping entrepreneurs based in small island states to build more resilient businesses.  

Based on the island of St. Maarten, we understand how vulnerable these entrepreneurs are to global geopolitical, economic shocks and natural disasters. These beautiful islands often go from one state of economic crisis to another. With the global pandemic still in effect, many of these tourist based islands are already impacted with record high unemployment rates and projected long-term recovery periods.

We believe we are able to make a difference by equipping these entrepreneurs to build global businesses. We have a three-part approach: 

  1. Islandpreneur Live 2021 (June 3-4) the best virtual experience for island-based entrepreneurs and allies to build smart, digital, and global businesses.

  2. A 15 week accelerator focused on ecommerce islandpreneurs (launching fall 2021)

  3. Ultimately provide funding for the growth and sustainability of these ventures.

For Islandpreneur Live, you can expect MBA level quality of actionable insights at a fraction of the cost. Ideal for entrepreneurs and innovators interested in solving problems and impacting the world.

Want to join Islandpreneur Live 2021?  It's simple click below

The Team


Ife Badejo

Founder/ Chief Experience Officer

Dwayne Griffith

Chief Impact Officer

Crystal Jack

PWR Assistant

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